skoda_octavia_02 More self-confident than ever before
A timeless design, advanced technology, plenty of room for passengers and luggage, outstanding drive properties and excellent value for money. Benefits which have so far attracted over two million customers worldwide make the Octavia amongst the most successful models of the Škoda range.
The design of the new car with its timeless elegance shows that it is a member of the Škoda family and the Octavia range, with more dynamism and informal charm added. The appearance is now more sophisticated, the lines have become more elegant and the front and rear of the vehicle have been redesigned.

Perfect fusion of technology and design
The new features and layout of the interior emphasise even more the feeling of comfort and safety. The Octavia now offers a completely new generation of three and four-spoke steering wheels, radio and navigation systems, available throughout the model range.
The instrument panel is a great example of progressive, elegant design, well arranged with soft, touch-friendly surfaces. White LED illumination provides an elegant contrast against the black instrument panel while the traditional green under-lighting of the rest of the electronic components creates a sound combination which does not act as a disturbance when driving.
The new materials and colours of the seats and the lining of the door panels correspond to the most modern trends, as do the new decors of the instrument panel for each of the trim levels.

Advanced technology
The technology featured in the new Octavia is amongst the most advanced found in modern cars. The new Octavia is available with five petrol and three diesel engines, and a range of manual and automatic gearboxes.
This includes a revolutionary DSG 7° automatic transmission system, specially developed for the 1.4 TSI/90 kW (122 bhp) and 1.8 TSI/118 kW (160 bhp) engines.
The new Octavia’s engine displacements and outputs cover a wide range, meeting the needs of every customer. Petrol engines range from the 1.4 MPI/59 kW (80 bhp) to the top class 2.0 TSI with an output of 147 kW (200 bhp). The Octavia’s diesel offering includes the choice of two turbo engines with an output of 77 (105 bhp) or 103 kW (140 bhp), or a common rail fuel injected two-litre turbo-diesel with an output of 125 kW (170 bhp).


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