skoda_roomster_04 Everything is different in the Roomster world. Whether you are a driver or a passenger, in it you will always find a new view of the things around you, another perspective. In it you will enjoy an unexpectedly pleasurable driving experience and unique comfort.
Discover the elegant lines of unconventional design of the Roomster’s body and interior. The Roomster is dynamic, emotional, active and sporty at the same time. The Roomster meets your needs and offers you space to live.

The Roomster is a car for everyday life, but also distinguishes itself and has a unique character. Its mask and originally shaped headlights, its panoramic windscreen, front and rear doors, large sunroof, and rear lights all attract the attention. This is all evident at first glance.
You will discover other great features right away. For example fog lights with “corner” functionality and headlights with an active turning system. You will certainly be surprised when your lights shine round a corner.

Space, variability, practicality, a welcoming atmosphere. You can find this and many other attributes both in the “cockpit” behind the wheel and in the “living room” in the back. Royal comfort is achieved also thanks to a low floor in the back.
Lots of comfort, storage space, the Varioflex seat adjustment system, a panoramic sunroof, a modular dashboard and voluminous luggage space make the Roomster a universal companion on your travels for work and fun.


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