skoda_superb_03 Thanks to the patented construction of TwinDoor the Škoda Superb combines the practical advantages of a liftback with the elegance of a sedan. An individual approach to design has made the Superb a fascinating vehicle. The spaciousness of the interior and the materials used increase the extraordinary level of comfort during a trip.

The Superb arrives with several absolutely new features. For the first time on Škoda vehicles there is a driver’s knee and rear side airbags (up to 9 airbags), parking assistant and Bi-Xenon headlamps with AFS. For the 1.8 TSI/118kW engine there is a 7° automatic DSG transmission available which can be controlled using the 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel.

The TwinDoor system
The TwinDoor, a unique system of opening the rear fifth door, is an original technical design which will take your breath away. If you wish to place smaller items in the boot, simply open the boot as you would on a classic sedan type body.
But not even a heftier load is any problem for the Superb. Thanks to the TwinDoor system you can open the rear boot, including the rear window, as you would with a liftback. You thus acquire comfortable access to the luggage space, the volume of which can be increased from 565 to an imposing 1,670 litres by tilting the backrest of the rear seats.
And yet another feature to relish. No more having to slam shut the boot, it is enough to let the lid lightly close. It is then fully locked by electrical motors automatically. It is really quite amazing what the Superb is capable of doing!

Bi-Xenon headlamps with AFS
The headlamps of the model Superb, the unusual shape of which passes all the way to the sides of the wings, lend the front section of the vehicle a dynamic appearance. They form a powerfully dominant feature and a part of the elegant design of the entire vehicle which is impossible to overlook.
Bi-Xenon headlamps feature outstanding illumination and, combined with the new AFS (Adaptive Frontlight System), multifunctionality. They automatically adapt the lighting to various travel situations, swivel into turnings, depending on the speed and actual driving conditions change the illuminated surface and offer various lighting regimes, e.g. for city, motorway or driving in rain.
The “tourist light” function is used by drivers entering a country with the opposite operating system than that for which the vehicle was manufactured. For instance, a car intended for driving on the right will not dazzle oncoming drivers in a country where they drive on the left.


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