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track name needed parts usage * overtake
1.Albacete GP (Spain)W G members only!Normal
2.Magny Cours 2006 GP (France) G S members only!Hard
3.Aintree (Great Britain) E S members only!Normal
4.Castelfusano (Italy) B S members only!Normal
5.Sachsenring (Germany) E G members only!Easy
6.Zolder (Belgium) B G members only!Hard
7.Piestany GP (Slovak Republic) B S members only!Easy
8.Sliven GP (Bulgaria)W G members only!Easy
9.Geneve GP (Switzerland) B S members only!Hard
10.Imola 2006 (San Marino)W G members only!Hard
11.Cerezal GP (Spain)W G members only!Easy
12.Charade (France)W B members only!Easy
13.Castle Combe (Great Britain)W B members only!Normal
14.Pescara (Italy) E G members only!Hard
15.Dallas (USA) E B members only!Very Hard
16.Zhuhai (China) E S members only!Hard
17.Mendoza GP (Argentina)W B members only!Normal
18.Turagua GP (Venezuela) E S members only!Hard
19.Las Vegas GP (USA)W S members only!Normal
 Season total: 8 6 8 8 8   

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F1REM HELPER 4.99€ per four F1REM seasons

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